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Anybody interested in a Koolance Exos and waterblocks?

So I just tore down my old system and have an Koolance Exos I no longer need--anybody interested?

It's not this style, it's the previous generation with 3x 80mm fans and the detachable nozzles at the back. Everything's included and complete, including a CPU-200G waterblock and bracket ( , I honestly think this is the same block, only the center mounting style is a little different) and a generic chipset waterblock (, including the back plate with the spring hoses and pass-through circuits, the thermal probe, the motherboard power splitter so it turns on the pumps when you hit the switch...I can throw in a X800 waterblock if you want, my X800 wasn't compatible with the reference block design so I never could use it. All you'd need is maybe a socket adapter and a bottle of coolant from Koolance and you'd be good to go--your own stylish silver watercooling solution! I'd like to see $150 for the whole thing plus whatever shipping runs. C'mon, who wants this? (xposted to personal journal)
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