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7th Heaven?

Hey, y'all.

So, through my university's channels, I managed to get my paws on a copy of Windows 7 Professional.  I would totally love to put it on my desktop.

However, my desktop currently has Vista Ultimate, and since my copy of Win7 isn't also Ultimate (my school isn't offuring any other version), it says I have to do a clean install.  I'm not too worried about doing that.  What I am wondering is: will I be missing anything by not going out and getting Win7 Ultimate?  According to Big M, the only differences are that Ultimate has BitLocker & Multilanguage support.  Now, I also got the Multilanguage DVD with Win7 Pro...but is BitLocker a "must-have?"  I'm pretty vigilant when it comes to my own data security, I feel.

Anyways, just want some other opinions.  That's it from me; peace out.
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