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Trick, No Treat

Hey, y'all.

So much fur being ready to install Win 7--it appears the graphics card on my desktop appears to have gone kaput.  I turn it on, but no signal goes to my monitor.

I did all my troubleshooting steps--reboot, connecting my monitor to my laptop to see if the monitor worked (it does), even tried pulling it out and reseating it.  Nothing.

The card is an NVIDIA GeForce 7600 GT.  I'll spare y'all the stupidity of the HP tech support agent; he says it's the motherboard that's shot, but I doubt that.  Now, I can find a GeForce 7600 GS card fur fairly cheap, but it'd be a step down in terms of performance from the 7600 GT.  Personally, I would rather switch to an ATI card altogether, but I just want my desktop to work ASAP.

I just hope I'm right about this; I can't afford another desktop, nor do I want one....

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