stauros (stauros) wrote in geek_furs,

Excel 2013 formula bar

OK, I'm going into the Redmond-based weeds on this one.

My employer's pushing everyone to Office 2013. My small department, believe it or not, is still using Office 2003. We may be the last in the company ...

Anyway, I'm the guinea pig, and in the main I'm an unhappy guinea pig. Office 2013 appears to have been coded by Moon Moon while drinking New Coke.

Ranting done, here's my question: In Excel 2003, if you select a cell, the formula bar will show *everything* in the cell, obscuring cells at the top of the page if needed. In Excel 2013, the formula bar can be manually resized by clicking and dragging it down, but it shows that number of lines and no more (or less). An expert in the Microsoft forum tells me it's been this way since Excel 2007.

Am I really stuck? Or is there some obscure option I can select to get the formula bar to automatically resize itself?
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