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Excel 2013 formula bar [23 Sep 2013|03:54pm]

OK, I'm going into the Redmond-based weeds on this one.

My employer's pushing everyone to Office 2013. My small department, believe it or not, is still using Office 2003. We may be the last in the company ...

Anyway, I'm the guinea pig, and in the main I'm an unhappy guinea pig. Office 2013 appears to have been coded by Moon Moon while drinking New Coke.

Ranting done, here's my question: In Excel 2003, if you select a cell, the formula bar will show *everything* in the cell, obscuring cells at the top of the page if needed. In Excel 2013, the formula bar can be manually resized by clicking and dragging it down, but it shows that number of lines and no more (or less). An expert in the Microsoft forum tells me it's been this way since Excel 2007.

Am I really stuck? Or is there some obscure option I can select to get the formula bar to automatically resize itself?
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resurrecting a laptop [24 May 2013|02:54pm]

So, one of my cubs has a laptop with a failing hard drive, just a few months out of warranty.

Trouble is, it's a hand-me-down and the cub whose it was at first either lost or tossed the WinXP reinstall/recover CD.

I was able to back up the hard drive, so files are safe, but what's my next move? I can get a new drive of equal or greater size for $50. What should I do for an OS?
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Seeking panels and panelists! [22 Jul 2011|10:30am]


As we come closer to the convention, we are carefully working on our panels and such, and doing the things we do to make a great con better. But with a four day con, we have realized something: we don't have enough stuff to fill all four days.

So, this is where you come in as a member of the furry community. If you've ever had an idea for a panel or wanted to be on a panel, this would be a great time to get involved. So in short, send me your ideas!

A few guidelines for this:

* try and keep it more or less family friendly. It's not to say we don't want adult material, but remember that there are more daytime slots than nighttime slots - and those nighttime slots, where the adult panels are, will be up against the dances and such.

* consider the camping theme this year. It is not a requirement, but it doesn't hurt to have something that is vaguely related

* Provide a description with the name of the panel. If I had a panel called "spirits", well, is it about booze or ghosts?

* come up with more than one idea! Never hurts to do that.

And most importantly...

* Send this to me at this address, not to the list. No sense in spamming the list with this.

(A Rainfurrest programming tiger)
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Microsfl;kghe;ajhghe GRAAAAHHH!!! [22 Mar 2011|01:06pm]

Does anyone know of a program other than MS Works word processor that can read its format (.wps)? I just bought a Win7 machine and installed Open Office. All my WinXP-based word files are gibberish to the new machine.
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Geeks unite to stop this BS from happening. [13 Nov 2010|11:18am]

URGENT: The Senate is passing a bill to censor the Internet. And nobody's spoken out against it yet! Can you help? http://bit.ly/bASCTL

This needs to be killed with fire and dumped down a hole, and only we can help.
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Apache2 migration not going so well [13 Sep 2010|07:12pm]

I'm in the midst of updating from apache 1.3 to apache 2 (as is current in Debian Stable). The problem I'm having, though, is that all of my virtual hosts are rerouting to default. How do I fix this? For that matter, does anyone have a good spot for me to put my config files if necessary?
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[07 Jul 2010|03:50pm]

I find myself with several firefox windows with several tabs. This obviously takes quite a bit of memory. Is there a way in XP to tell the computer to put the whole task in virtual memory, and leave it there?

I'm using public internet right now, and find it easier to gather a bunch of articles/FA pages, and browse them later. This of course is trouble when a lot of tabs are taking up memory. Just curious if anyone's messed with putting stuff completely into virtual memory to free up real RAM for other tasks.
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Google fu fail - HELP! [11 Jun 2010|12:29pm]

Hokay, here's what's going on.

Some time ago I spoke about these fake vacuum tubes I'm making. I got my hands on some 25x200 mm test tubes, but I'm having an utter HELL of a time finding anything that is a) smaller, b) comes with a stopper (or where a stopper can be bought separately), and c) can be purchased in quantities of less than six dozen. (Lake Charles has 25x100, but only in a case of six dozen.) Oh, and d) they should be short and no smaller than 15 mm in diameter.

So this said, is there anybody who can point me to somebody who can get me the goods?
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Odd Memtest results? [26 Apr 2010|09:07pm]

Just picked up a laptop via Ebay and Memtest is generating nothing but errors--as in NO read/write returns unaltered. It looks like it's just the first two bits of every byte and I want to think it's just bad RAM but some odd behavior with the charging light and strange keyboard repeats/function key stickings are making me wonder if it's the motherboard as well. There's only the one RAM module, I have no spares, and I've never seen every test fail like this. Anybody have any advice?
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On the subject of creating fake vacuum tubes [25 Apr 2010|04:24pm]

OK, here's the skinny. If you're at all into building electronic stuff, this is where I need your help - and if you don't but know somebody, have them reply, please. Note, no anonymous posts, as always. =)

I'm in the middle of coming up with some costume concept here: a fake vacuum tube (or valves if you're British). The purpose is for a steampunk airship pirate fae for Faerieworlds, which is happening in a few months. To explain, I thought it would be really incredibly cool to do this, and started branching off of using the real McCoy, but there are four problems: one, they're expensive, two, they're hard to come by outside of Guitar Center, three, they require a decent size power supply to even get hot, and four, well, they get HOT. So, instead of that, we fake it.

With the help of dicemistress, I came up with that the glass envelope should be a test tube. Optimally, I will find one that's about 1" dia x 3" long, but I don't expect that to happen - so some REALLY FRACKING LONG firebottles are probably in my future. In addition, one of my girlfriend's roommates suggested UV LEDs, and use some blacklight reactive paint to simulate the glowing. Since this is for a fantasy event (and because you can apparently get tubes at Guitar Center that glow something other than the characteristic warm orange of tubes from back in the day), this is a feasible option. He had also noted that the use of heavy copper wiring to simulate the anode and cathode would add to the archaic flavor that is appropriate to steampunk - so the "anode" would do this, while I'd be doing more of a rigid support system and finer gauge wire for the "cathode", for reasons that will shortly become obvious. For plugging them in, he had also suggested something where I could get a "twist-lock" motion going.

A quick search on Ebay turned up a few different suppliers of UV LEDs, and general rule I'm seeing is that they're 3.3v/20 mA, and require a limiting resistor if the power supply is >4W. Most efficient use, as near as I can tell, would be to wire the LEDs in parallel rather than series, so that I can actually get a rigid support for the LEDs and not have to worry about the "cathode" collapsing inside and simply looking funny.

This is where I'm stuck - the general schematic. I have, in short, forgotten Ohm's Law, as I've been way out of practice since something like 1998.

I have two plans for the wiring, keeping in mind that the guts of each "tube" would be wired in parallel rather than in series, and would contain two or three LEDs each.

The following, in short, are the design plans:

1) wire the power supply as a central power supply, and run series wiring throughout the assembly, additionally wiring to avoid what I call "old christmas light string syndrome" - that is, one burned out bulb (or, here, not connected tube) breaks the entire circuit and accordingly kills all lights (upshot: I can plug and unplug tubes on the fly for effect)

2) Again with the central power supply, but wire all sockets parallel to the supply (cures the OCLSS problem as above)

3) Wire each "tube" with its own power supply (probably a series of watch batteries, or a pair of AA batteries, but creates multiple switches - one for each tube)

On this note, for the plug end and any additional gribbles, I can probably work with ksharra for other ideas. But that aside, here's where I have the questions.

1) Which of the above design options is most optimal for the general power feed?

2) Given that I'm soldering at least two LEDs for each tube, how do I calculate resistance and power requirements?

3) In the case of 2, where do I solder the resistor?

4) If series soldering of the LEDs is more efficient, what would the schematic look like?
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Implementation of HTTP 410 [20 Apr 2010|12:20pm]

Hey. I have a page over here that I'm about to consolidate to over here, and on the former page, there are a series of pages that are currently nothing more than a meta redirect. Well, they're to be obsolesced - and I figure the most logical approach is to just put a 410 ("gone") on all of them.

(The other pages, for what it's worth, will be redirecting to the new location via 301.)

Doing some research, I found that one good way is to involve mod_alias (server is on apache) and stick something in a .htaccess file, but does anyone else have good suggestions beside that?
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[13 Apr 2010|08:29pm]

[ mood | chipper ]

Greetings everyone!

If anyone else here has an Xbox Live account, feel free to add me! My gamertag is LinPanda. I'm just searching for more people to play games with =)

(Short, sweet, and to the point, lol)

x-posted everywhere

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How to edit multiple HTML files in one fell swoop? [25 Feb 2010|10:27am]

Hey, gang.

Here's the background. I have literally hundreds of HTML files, all named index.html, that I am about to transition from one server to another. The syntax in the files are all pretty much identical, but the catch is that they are all in a rather large directory tree. The site, for point of reference, is here, and I'm transitioning the files to here. All files are on two different Linux boxes - chez-vrolet.net is on Debian, and northarc.com is on some sort of Red Hat derivative.

The ultimate goal, eventually, is to implement CSS in all the pages, but for the time being, the job here is to edit the stuff on Northarc so it coincides with the tree on Chez Vrolet.

Note, my desktop at home is running Debian Lenny.

There are two ways I can do this. One is, of course, to edit each HTML file individually - which, with around 500 files on the source server, is going to take a LOOOOOOOOONG time. The other way, of course, is using sed or perl or something. The problem is that I'm not very well versed in sed, and I don't know perl. Yet. In this context, I'm looking for a means to do this on the command line - neither of the servers have X enabled.

The quick way I have is something like this:

$ for foo in `find . -name '*.html'
> do
> #(something that alters all these files)
> done

...I'm just missing what goes on that commented line in the for loop.

So this said, does anyone have a good way to do this from the terminal?
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a tail-chase, perhaps ... [27 Jan 2010|03:25pm]

Is there such a thing as a FORTRAN de-compiler that will convert the executable back into code? Or is that as real as a bucket of propwash or a left-handed screwdriver?
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external storage question [29 Dec 2009|11:05am]

Here's the dealio: at my house there are three XP PCs, one with Vista, and an eMac running Tiger.

I'd like to buy a 1 TB external hard drive for backups, but will one box work with that mix of machines? What little research I've done so far shows some drives just won't work with the Mac, and the ones that will have to be formatted for either PC or Mac.

I was hoping for something like a really big flash drive I could connect to each machine in turn.

Ideas? Suggestions?
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[19 Nov 2009|12:13am]


Just going through archives. Too funny for the programmers out there.
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Trick, No Treat [01 Nov 2009|11:00pm]

[ mood | aggravated ]

Hey, y'all.

So much fur being ready to install Win 7--it appears the graphics card on my desktop appears to have gone kaput.  I turn it on, but no signal goes to my monitor.

I did all my troubleshooting steps--reboot, connecting my monitor to my laptop to see if the monitor worked (it does), even tried pulling it out and reseating it.  Nothing.

The card is an NVIDIA GeForce 7600 GT.  I'll spare y'all the stupidity of the HP tech support agent; he says it's the motherboard that's shot, but I doubt that.  Now, I can find a GeForce 7600 GS card fur fairly cheap, but it'd be a step down in terms of performance from the 7600 GT.  Personally, I would rather switch to an ATI card altogether, but I just want my desktop to work ASAP.

I just hope I'm right about this; I can't afford another desktop, nor do I want one....

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7th Heaven? [25 Oct 2009|08:44am]

[ mood | contemplative ]

Hey, y'all.

So, through my university's channels, I managed to get my paws on a copy of Windows 7 Professional.  I would totally love to put it on my desktop.

However, my desktop currently has Vista Ultimate, and since my copy of Win7 isn't also Ultimate (my school isn't offuring any other version), it says I have to do a clean install.  I'm not too worried about doing that.  What I am wondering is: will I be missing anything by not going out and getting Win7 Ultimate?  According to Big M, the only differences are that Ultimate has BitLocker & Multilanguage support.  Now, I also got the Multilanguage DVD with Win7 Pro...but is BitLocker a "must-have?"  I'm pretty vigilant when it comes to my own data security, I feel.

Anyways, just want some other opinions.  That's it from me; peace out.

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Anybody interested in a Koolance Exos and waterblocks? [16 Oct 2009|09:15pm]

[ mood | busy ]

So I just tore down my old system and have an Koolance Exos I no longer need--anybody interested?


It's not this style, it's the previous generation with 3x 80mm fans and the detachable nozzles at the back. Everything's included and complete, including a CPU-200G waterblock and bracket (http://www.koolance.com/water-cooling/product_info.php?product_id=115 , I honestly think this is the same block, only the center mounting style is a little different) and a generic chipset waterblock (http://www.koolance.com/water-cooling/product_info.php?product_id=104), including the back plate with the spring hoses and pass-through circuits, the thermal probe, the motherboard power splitter so it turns on the pumps when you hit the switch...I can throw in a X800 waterblock if you want, my X800 wasn't compatible with the reference block design so I never could use it. All you'd need is maybe a socket adapter and a bottle of coolant from Koolance and you'd be good to go--your own stylish silver watercooling solution! I'd like to see $150 for the whole thing plus whatever shipping runs. C'mon, who wants this? (xposted to personal journal)

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[04 Sep 2009|06:05pm]

funny pictures of dogs with captions
see more dog and puppy pictures
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